What Parents, Players, Coaches and Others are Saying About Sly Park Basketball School

"We want to commend you on the excellence of basketball skills taught, but even more for the message of character that was also taught and encouraged." (Parker Family)

"Thank you for helping shape my life. I have wonderful friends in my life today because of Sly Park! I am proud of the program's success, the values we learned and the future leaders you have produced.....whether one served as a player, counselor, or coach. Thank you so much! (Former staff member Emon Usher - Oakland Fire Battalion Chief)

"Coach Will, thank you so much for everything! I loved the 4-Out / 5-Out Offense! Sly Park is the best part of my summer!" (Camper)

"As usual, Sly Park Basketball Camp is Solid Gold and awesome! We enjoy seeing you every summer!" (Debora & Chuck Yurgelevic)

"Thank you for another wonderful basketball camp! Our girls loved it and totally improved their skills! We are looking forward to next year already!" (Rick & Stephanie Davis)

"This is an outstanding camp. The level of competition opened my girl's eyes to what is out there. The quality of the staff and the organizational structure of teaching the fundamentals were perfect." (Ryan Hasty)

"This is a totally positive experience. The coaches that took the time to work with students in the evening after a long day were very impressive." (Hackenberry Family)

"Every second of the day is used. There was lots of competition and opportunities to practice the skills learned. I really liked the emphasis on attitude, sportsmanship, and character." (Girls Varsity Coach Adrienne Ruggles)

"Thank you Coaches...it's been a great three years!" (Rosa Gonzalez, #43 - Camper)

"I've been to this school now both as a camper and coach. It's by far the best I've ever been to! Keep up the great work coach and count me in for next year!" (Coach Mark Bolter)

"Thank you for everything. The basketball facilities were so great, the coaches were very helpful, and we really liked all the trophies. What a great time and positive environment. We will definitely see you next summer!" (Gardner Family)

"We really appreciate all the effort you put forth to produce those happy looking kids. For Christopher's birthday, one of his gifts was the medal he received (at camp) engraved with the words you spoke about him. You said, "as fine an athlete as he is, he truly is an even better role model and person..." He was surprised and pleased, and that is a very high compliment you gave him which pleases me as well. He looks forward to next summer." (Janet Schwartz-Edmisten, parent)

"I had a lot of fun...it was my first year and I plan on coming back next year." (Lizzy, #28 - Camper)

"We want to commend you on the excellence of basketball skills taught, but even more for the message of character that was also taught and encouraged." (Parker Family)

"This camp is really serious about basketball and the food was also really good. We really liked the values taught. (The Pyramid of Success-John Wooden) and we're very impressed with the discipline displayed at the closing awards ceremony." (McMurry Family)

"It's a formula that works. Discipline, organized, runs like clockwork; a well oiled machine with a little humor to lighten the load! Looking forward to next year!" (Coach/Parent Tom Henderson)

"Thanks for the extremely positive environment and equal treatment of all players. The setting was beautiful and we loved the open door policy allowing parents to observe at any time." (Parents of Anthony Black)

"Thanks so much for having the boys up to camp. Just like Coach Wooden, you have made a difference in a lot of young people's lives. Have a great week of camp and make every day a great day." (Coach Ron Verlin, UOP)

"Sly Park Basketball School is considered the best instructional camp in northern California." (Nor Cal Preps)